• CCTV Camera
    High Quality
  • CCTV Security & Surveillance (Closed Circuit TV)
    CCTV uses either wireless or wired transmission to send the broadcast from
    the video cameras to the monitor(s) or recording device. Most CCTV systems are
    used for surveillance, which can include security monitoring, spying, or safety monitoring.
    The majority of CCTV cameras in use today are usually for surveillance and security
    purposes. CCTV systems can be found in almost every bank, casino, mall,
    and large department store
    Active System Integration
    At Active Sytem Integration, we care about your cctv camera complaints.
    Our goal is to resolve any problems ,you have an camera, quickly and completely.
    The asi Complete Care program provides you with assured low cost of maintenance,warranty benefits, Roadside Assistance and more.
    For any questions about your camera, ownership or servicing needs, your asi dealer is ready to assist you

Wireless & IP Cameras

IP (internet protocol), wireless cameras and cloud cameras allow you set up a security system without the need to run wires around your home or business. A wireless security system acts as a visible deterrent to criminals, allowing you to record events at home and monitor staff at work. Some of our wireless cameras also connect to wireless monitors allowing you monitor and record footage from your wireless camera to review at a later date. If you want to record camera footage offsite, or don’t have the space for a DVR system, the SwannCloud cameras can record video to a secure cloud server allowing you to review footage without the need for a DVR. Protect what matters to you with a wireless home security system from ASI.

Demo Cameras

The several projects are may be large and complex ,for that projects we give a demo cameras depending upon the usage of projects. .

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Security & Monitoring

monitoring a security systems is very easy today! yes you can watch every movement of your home ,guarden,nearby roads..

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Security Services

You can protect from your hiden danger by third eye . yeah! our security systems gives a best protection for your business & ur..

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Installation Support

our surveilance experts are ready to give a installation support at any time via phone,email. for simplyfied installation avilable pre configuration.

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Active System Integration is a suppiler of cctv camera surveillance for all tequired to our customers. ASI are Suppliers & Professional Installer’s of the high quality CCTV security camera systems on the market world. We supply & install the latest technology in CCTV security for commercial and private use..

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Mobile and remote video monitoring
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Active System Integration is an uniting of best practices and efficiently brought in by leading professionals on some of the most renowned names of the Marketting World. Knowledge drives us.